Profilium has extensive experience in designing and fabricating belt conveyors using aluminium profile. Our belt conveyors can be customised to virtually any size. Pending the type of belt required, our conveyors can also be built quickly and offer a cost-effective, high quality option for most conveying requirements. Ideal for cartons, bags, sachets, warehouses, mail rooms and more. Available in 3 load ratings.

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Slat conveyors are perfect for conveying bottles, cans, jars, tetra-packs and similar. Aluminium slat conveyors are a cost effective alternative to stainless steel and can be easily customised to suit your application.

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Belt Conveyors

Ideal for the FMCG, Packaged Food, Beverage, Manufacturing, Sorting, Packing, Warehousing and Medical industries

Australis offers a range of fabric belt conveyors or rubber belt conveyors to suit virtually any application. Our belt conveyors are suitable for food, beverage, horticultural, warehousing, dispatch, mail sorting, health and pharmaceutical, medical device, automotive, aerospace, general manufacturing and industrial applications. We offer a complete range of belt conveyors including:

  • Food grade
  • Medical/ Pharmaceutical
  • Perfect for Light weight to Medium weight applications.
  • Heavier applications possible, subject to scope.
  • Warehousing and Distribution centres
  • Mail sorting

We offer a variety of fabric belt or rubber belt types to suit your product mix. Our Belt Conveyors can be supplied with food grade (anti-microbial), rough top, heavy duty, multi-ply or cleated belts and everything in between. Profilium has a range of standard belt conveyor designs that can be manufactured quickly and adapted to suit your requirements. We offer options for Mini Belt Conveyors, Ultra-Light, Light-Duty, Medium and Heavy Duty Belt Conveyors.

Belt Conveyors for Virtually Any Product

Our belt conveyors are suitable for virtually any product or package type, including:

  • Food processing
  • Fruit sorting and packing
  • Large and small cartons or boxes
  • Plastic wrapped or Shrink wrapped products
  • Bags, sachets or pouches
  • Bottles, cans and jars (including plastic, metal or glass)
  • Automotive or Aerospace components
  • Computer/ IT components
  • Incline belt conveyors or decline belt conveyors
  • Pharmaceutical, health or medical device applications
  • Warehouse and dispatch areas
  • Mail sorting or Parcel sorting
  • Product picking or sorting areas
  • Horticultural and Agricultural products

Customised Belt Conveyors

In addition to our standard, belt conveyor modules, Profilium offer fully customised belt conveyors. Customised conveyors are designed to precisely match your product, load requirements, through-puts, health and safety requirements, budget or production environment. Our belt conveyors can be manufactured with options including:

  • Aluminium profile construction
  • Virtually any width or length
  • Fully or semi automated controls
  • Line control
  • Variable speed controls
  • Energy saving drives
  • A range of belt types (eg fabric belts, rubber belts, PVC belts, cleated belts and more)
  • Integration with other conveyors and equipment, including data sharing (internet of things)
  • Integration to existing capital equipment - simply replace the belt conveyor, not your machine
  • Belt conveyor machine guarding

Belt Conveyor Design

By providing a customised belt conveyor system, Profilium will help you with the process of belt conveyor design. Our team of engineers will assist you to:

  • determine the most effective belt conveyor layout
  • calculate the belt loading and help select the correct motor and drive
  • ensure you achieve the correct belt speed to meet your throughput requirements
  • select the right belt type for your application
  • ensure the belt is tensioned correctly
  • ensure the belt tracks correctly
  • service and maintain your belt conveyors (if required)

Series 30 Belt Conveyors



Series 30 Conveyors are best suited for ultra light and lightweight products (up to 15kg/m) or where there is restricted height for installation. The Series 30 belt conveyor offers a slimline body height of only 40mm with head and idler rollers only 30mm. This allows the Series 30 Belt Conveyor to fit into tight spaces, which makes an ideal solution for installing inside existing machines or anywhere space is at a premium. If you are looking for a mini belt conveyor, this is the best option.

Standard Components mean the Series 30 Belt Conveyors are Easily and Quickly Customised to suit your products or available floor space.


Belt speed: 2m/min to 30m/min
Motor Rating: 0.12kW to 0.25 kW

Available Lengths: 350mm to 3,000mm
Available Widths: 100mm to 400mm
Max. belt loading: 15 kg/m

Belt types available:

  • Rough top belt
  • Flat top belt (PVC, Silicon, Chemical Resistant)
  • Food approved belts
  • Special belts (for custom applications)

Drive position available:

  • Front end direct drive, left
  • Front end direct drive, right
  • Centre drive

 Series 50 Belt Conveyors

Series-50-Belt-Conveyors_lrThe Series 50 Conveyors are best suited for light to medium weight products up to 30kg/m. The Series 50 Belt Conveyor offers a slimline body height of only 45mm with head and idler rollers of 50mm. The Series 50 is a flexible conveyor system which can be used for horizontal conveying and elevating products.  A robust yet economical elevator conveyor or incline conveyor can be achieved by adding cleats to a standard belt.

This style of conveyor are virtually modular and so can be easily and quickly customised to suit a specific application or product. As an option it is also available as an incline or decline conveyor. 


Belt speed: 2m/min to 40m/min
Motor Rating: 0.12 kW to 0.37 kW

Available Lengths: 350mm to 6,000mm
Available Widths: 100mm to 600mm
Max. belt loading: 30 kg/m

Belt types available:

  • Rough top belt
  • Flat top belt
  • Food approved belts
  • Cleated belts
  • Special belt (for custom applications)

Drive position available:

  • Front end direct drive, left
  • Front end direct drive, right

 Series 90 Belt Conveyors


The Series 90 Conveyors are best suited for medium-heavy weight products with a maximum belt loading of 70kg/m. Aluminium profile Series 90 Belt Conveyors are highly modular and can be customised to fit into your available floor space or to suit a specific product. The Series 90 offers a robust 90mm high side frame with head and idler rollers of 95mm. The series 90 can be used for horizontal conveying and elevating products. A robust yet economical elevator can be achieved by adding cleats to a standard belt.

As an option Series 90 conveyors are also available as an incline or decline conveyor.


Belt speed: 2m/min to 50m/min
Motor Rating: 0.12kW to 0.55 kW

Available Lengths: 500mm to 12,000mm
Available Widths: 200mm to 1,000mm
Max. belt loading: 70 kg/m

Belt types available:

  • Rough top belt
  • Flat top belt
  • Cleated belt
  • Special belt (for custom applications)

Drive position available:

  • Front end direct drive, left
  • Front end direct drive, right
  • Centre drive

Slat Conveyors

Slat Chain Conveyors (also called Slat Conveyors or Tab Chain Conveyors) are suitable for a wide range of industries and products. We have manufactured slat conveyors for foods, beverages, chemicals, medical samples, pharmaceutical products and many, many other applications. Slat Chain Conveyors are amongst the most versatile conveyor systems available.

Slat conveyors suit a wide variety of applications and the aluminium style are generally suited best for lighter applications up to approx. 3kg and a width of up to 200mm.

Local Design and Manufacture

Aluminium slat chain conveyors are designed and manufactured by Profilium in Australia! Our slat conveyors can use generic slat chain, meaning you are not locked in to expensive proprietary brands. An aluminium slat conveyor system is suitable for conveying a wide range of products. It can be implemented anywhere — from standard product transfer applications, through to full turnkey solutions.

Our standard conveyor modules are compact, simple and easily configurable to suit any light-duty system or application. They are manufactured using aluminium profile side plates, making them modular and easy to configure for a customised layout. All modules are 'plug-and-play': simply bolt them together, add a head and tail and your conveyor is ready to go — further reducing costs.

Profilium offer a wide range of slat conveyor modules that can be added together to design a complete system. We also offer an extensive range of chain types and accessories. Contact us for further information.

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