Need to buy lengths of T-Slot Profile?

Our Profiles are sold as 6.0 metre bars and we can cut them to size for you.


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Bolt M6x20

$6.00 +GST

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Bolt M8x16

$6.00 +GST

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Bolt M8x20

$6.00 +GST

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Bolt M8x25

$7.00 +GST

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Bolt M8x40

$8.50 +GST

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Bolt M8x50

$18.00 +GST

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Bolt M8x60

$18.00 +GST

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Bolt M4x12

$3.75 +GST

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Bolt M5x12

$3.75 +GST

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Bolt M6x12

$3.75 +GST

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Bolt M6x16

$3.75 +GST

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Bolt M8x35

$0.30 +GST

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Hammer Bolt M8x20

$1.00 +GST

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Hammer Bolt M8x25

$1.10 +GST

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Hammer Bolt M8x30

$1.40 +GST

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Hammer Bolt M8x40

$1.70 +GST

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Bolt M8x20 SS

$10.00 +GST

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Bolt M8x16 SS

$9.00 +GST

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Bolt M8x30 SS

$15.00 +GST

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Bolt M8x25 SS

$12.50 +GST

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Bolt M5x16

$3.75 +GST

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Bolt M6x20 Stainless

$5.00 +GST

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Hammer Bolt M6x12

$5.00 +GST

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Hammer Bolt M6x20

$5.00 +GST

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Hammer Bolt M6x25

$5.00 +GST

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Hammer Bolt M8x25

$5.00 +GST

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Hammer Bolt M8x30

$5.00 +GST

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Hammer Bolt M8x35

$5.00 +GST

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Anti-rotation device

$2.60 +GST

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