Need to buy lengths of T-Slot Profile?

Our Profiles are sold as 6.0 metre bars and we can cut them to size for you.


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Vibration damping pad – 40

$1.10 +GST

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Vibration damping pad – 50

$1.30 +GST

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Feet clamping flange 45×90 M10

$6.00 +GST

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Feet clamping flange 45×90 M20

$6.00 +GST

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Feet clamping flange 90×90 M20

$27.00 +GST

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Feet clamping flange 45×90 M12

$6.00 +GST

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Angular stiffener

$70.00 +GST

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Support tripod

$56.50 +GST

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Fixed Foot – M8

$14.00 +GST

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Sealing Plate

$10.50 +GST

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