Lock-down has brought a huge demand from eRacing enthusiasts to build their own Racing Sims. T-slot aluminium profile is a perfect material for making a DIY Racing Sim as it doesn’t need to be welded and can be cut to size for easy shipping and self assembly.

Build Your Racing Sim with T-Slot Aluminium Profile

Online or eRacing has undergone an enormous surge in popularity due to the COVID-19 lockdown and the inability for racing fans to see or participate in the real, track-side racing experience. Many eRacing fans have even decided to build their own Racing Sims in order to enhance their online motor racing experience.

Many eRacer’s have decided to use t-slot aluminium profile to build their Racing Sim rig or frame. T-slot aluminium profile is ideal for a DIY Racing Sim build because it is:

  • Fast and easy to use – you just need an Allen-key for assembly
  • Doesn’t require welding
  • The profile slots allow for adjustment of monitor brackets or seat position
  • Is strong yet lightweight
  • Can be Cut to Size and Tapped by Profilium based on your own design and cutting instructions
  • Cut to size lengths are easier and cheaper to ship

One of our loyal customers sent us the photo shown here that highlights how easy it is to create a DIY Racing Sim using t-slot profile. How good is it!

What type of profile do I use?

Most of the conversations we’ve had with DIY Racing Sim builders have been around using a combination of either 40×40 and 40×80 profile or 45×45 and 45×90 profile. In most cases, the choice is for the 40 Series profiles (40×40 and 40×80) as these are more than adequate from a strength perspective but a little bit lighter and therefore a little bit cheaper. However, like any good DIY project, there’s really no right or wrong answer – provided of course that your Racing Sim design will support the weight of the racer, seat, monitors, PC, wheel and any other elements you add.

Don’t forget, depending on your design you may also need t-nuts and bolts, clamping angles and end caps to finish off the look of your Racing Sim. We have a range of accessories that will help you finish off the look of your Racing Sim.

Black anodized t-slot profile coming soon!

While many of our Racing Sim customers are happy with the currently available silver anodized t-slot aluminium profile, there have been lots of enquiries for black anodized t-slot profile. We have listened!

We will soon be taking delivery of a small batch order of black anodized 40×40 and 40×80 t-slot profiles. These are a special order from the manufacturer in Italy and we hope to have these black anodized t-slot aluminium profiles in stock around mid-August. To begin with, we will only have limited stock so it will be sold on a first come, first served basis. However if this black anodized profile proves as popular as we expect, then we will continue to stock it and in higher volumes.

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