Due to strong demand from the West, PROFILIUM are looking to appoint a West Australian distributor of our t-slot profile and accessories.

WA Distributor

Every Sandgrouper knows that the cost of freight from the eastern seaboard often kills off the viability of a purchase. Too frequently Profilium are losing potential WA customers due to high freight costs, yet a strong market is starting to develop in WA for high quality t-slot profile such as the Alusic profile system offered by Profilium. With strong local demand in WA and some existing customers, the aluminium profile market in Western Australia is growing. As a result, Profilium are keen to discuss a potential distributor arrangement with a suitable WA based business. The ideal partner may have some or all of the following attributes:

  • An engineering / metal trade workshop with space to store 6.0 metre lengths of profile
  • Experience with equipment manufacture or general fabrication – experience with fabricating conveyors would be advantageous but not essential
  • Good stock management and accounting systems to track orders, payments and purchasing
  • Ideally an external salesperson who will help to grow sales of t-slot profile and solutions in WA
  • Ideally your own website that can be used to help promote the sale of profile as a material and as a built structure (eg a machine frame, safety fence, machine guard etc)

What will we require from a partner?

  1. You will have to sign a distributor agreement and be willing to meet the distributor obligations therein.
  2. The ability to actively sell and promote the t-slot profile into the WA market, including customers within some key segments such as universities, health care, OEM equipment manufacturers and general manufacturing – plus lots more!
  3. Good trade credit references as we will offer you 30-day EOM payment terms for your orders
  4. The financial resources to support a large, initial stock purchase
  5. The ability to store and handle 6.0m bars of profile, including a high-speed aluminium saw or the ability to purchase one

If you are interested, don’t hesitate to EMAIL us with some information about your business and we will contact you to further discuss a possible partnership.

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