Profilium is a business unit operated by Australis Engineering and part of the Australis Group.  Profilium specialises solely in the supply of t-slot aluminium profile, accessories and custom built frames and structures that use aluminium profile. Profilium has been established to provide fast, reliable and targeted solutions and service for OEMs and end users of t-slot aluminium profile.

To facilitate our nation wide supply of profile, Profilium has authorised partners in Melbourne and Brisbane. These partners are separate businesses to Profilium’s owner, Australis Engineering:

  • Melbourne (supplying VIC and SA) – Eljay Engineering Pty Ltd (independently owned)
  • Brisbane (supplying QLD) – Precision Stainless Systems Pty Ltd.  Note Precision are a business within the Australis Group.

Profilium draws on the knowledge of personnel with collectively over 35 years experience in the supply, use and design of t-slot aluminium profile and aluminium profile solutions. Profilium has been supplying the Alusic brand of aluminium profile since 2010 and have built up a significant record of supplying profile in small and large quantities to domestic and commercial customers. Many of our customers utilise our engineering and automation capabilities and commission us to design their structure. We have the capacity and capability to deliver a huge variety of aluminium profile solutions, including:

Profilium are the exclusive Australian distributors of high quality Italian made, Alusic Aluminium Profile. The Alusic profile we sell in Australia is sourced directly from the manufacturer in Italy, and as we are the sole Australian distributors, you can be guaranteed of getting competitive pricing and European quality. Importantly, Alusic are a highly regarded, well credentialed designer and manufacturer of aluminium profile, maintaining their own in-house design team and undertaking substantial R&D effort each year, which results in Alusic holding or lodging patents for a number of their designs. Alusic profiles meet the stringent European TUV standards.

Since we began importing Alusic profiles to Australia in 2010, Alusic aluminium profile has quickly established a reputation for high quality, cost-effective aluminium profile solutions. Alusic has over 100 profile types available, plus an enormous range of accessories, Alusic aluminium profile represents a cost effective solution for manufacturers of OEM equipment, domestic and commercial users.

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Alusic holds a number of patents for innovative aluminium profile solutions and has also obtained TUV certifications for many of their product line. Importantly, Alusic also maintain a strong R&D department and are constantly developing new products to meet the evolving requirements of its customers.


Profilium holds large quantities of t-slot aluminium profile in-stock in its Sydney premises and with its local stockists in Melbourne and Brisbane. Having local stock allows for fast delivery for bulk orders to OEM clients but also our domestic and commercial customers. With over 100 profiles available in the full range, we carry a core range of around 60 aluminium profiles and profile accessories in local stock including:

40×40 aluminium profile -1-slot, 2-slot, 3-slot and 4-slot
40×80 aluminium profile – 2-slot and 4-slot
45×45 aluminium profile – 1-slot, 2-slot, 3-slot and 4-slot. Regular, slim and light
45×45 aluminium profile – round
45×90 aluminium profile – 2-slot and 4-slot. Regular and light
45×120 aluminium profile
90×90 aluminium profile – regular and light
90×180 aluminium profile
30×30 aluminium profile – 1-slot and 2-slot and 6mm and 8mm slot
30×60 aluminium profile – 6mm and 8mm slot
20×20 aluminium profile
20×40 aluminium profile
Linear guides and Linear Actuators
Nuts & Bolts, Connectors, Caps, Clamping Brackets, Floor Brackets & Feet, Caster Wheels, Hinges, Handles, Fixing Blocks, Cover Strip, Conveyor Components and specialist Solar Panel Accessories – to name a few!

In addition to the core range of t-slot aluminium profile and accessories, Profilium also carry a smaller range of many of the other specialist aluminium profile types and some of the very specialist accessories, but with regular bulk shipments being received from Italy, we can happily work with you to arrange for large quantities of any aluminium profile or accessory type that you require.


Are you an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)? Do you require a low cost solution to help gain an edge in a competitive market place? Aluminium profile is not only a highly adaptable and flexible solution that can lower your production costs, but with OEM pricing available for large or repeat orders, it will further help you to remain the competitive edge in this roller-coaster market we are working within.

Need to maintain your cash flow and build flexibility in the forward supply of your product? We offer 30-day accounts to approved applicants – contact us to discuss options and for an application form.

OEM price discounts apply off our published list price and are available subject to establishing an approved credit account and with minimum order levels. Call or email at to discuss your requirements and to discuss the OEM discount that might apply to your business.



Profilium maintains a team of aluminium profile product experts to advise you on the best profile, connectors and other accessories to use in your application. Simply call or email at for advice and assistance.

Need help in designing a solution? Profilium can provide engineering and CAD design services to assist you to finalise a tailored solution for your application.