Variable Height Work Benches And Workstations

Do you need an ergonomic, high quality work bench or workstation for your employees that has a variable height work surface?
Profilium manufacture ergonomic workbenches and workstations in a range of sizes using t-slot aluminium
profile and laminate or custom bench-tops and inclusive of height adjustment mechanisms.


Correct ergonomics are important for the health and safety of your workers and every worker is different. They are of different heights and even different arm lengths. Both of these things can affect worker productivity if they are limited to a fixed height workstation by increasing fatigue and potentially causing strain injuries. Alternatively, you may have different tasks to perform at the same station that need to be performed safely at different heights.

An electrically height adjustable workstation can solve these problems by allowing each worker to sit or stand according to their own requirements and to achieve positive ergonomics at their work station.

No two workstations are the same! All of our Height Adjustable Work Stations are fully customised to suit your EXACT requirement. Adjustable Height Workstations are ideal for medical device assembly, electronics assembly, toy assembly, pharmaceutical and laboratory environments, universities and a range of other industries and applications.


  • Standard single, Up/ Down switch, or “dead-man” switch optional for increased safety
  • Can be adjusted from 600mm to 1,500mm height
  • Max. load 300kg (dependent on actuators)
  • Stainless steel/IP rated actuator variants available for workstations in wash down or food grade environments.

Selecting the right bench top is an essential element to ensure your work station fulfils all of your specfications. Key to this selection is the environment the work station will be used in and the type of product or process being conducted. We can advise you on a suitable bench top to suit your application, including:

  • Standard laminate bench tops
  • Anti-static bench tops
  • Wash-down friendly bench tops
  • Steel bench tops

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Examples of Variable Height Workstations

Buy Direct From The Manufacturer and Save

Profilium are the sole and exclusive distributors for Alusic aluminium profile in Australia. We stock over 50 different aluminium profile patterns and an enormous selection of accessories. As we import this profile directly we receive great prices that we can pass onto you our customers. Our main warehouse and manufacturing centre is located in Sydney, but with distributors in Melbourne and Brisbane, we can quickly and easily service most customers.

While you can expect to save substantial money buying from Profilium directly, please keep in mind we are manufacturing a quality product. You might be able to buy cheaper versions from online sellers or shop fronts where the whole workstation has been manufactured in Asia and fully imported for very low prices – this is not the market we are chasing.  Instead, with the quality and ability to customise your solution, Profilium does not seek to compete with these cheap imports, but we aim to provide you with a full service experience backed up by a genuine Australian 12-month warranty.