Do you need an ergonomic, high quality work bench or workstation for your employees or even in your own home?
Profilium manufacture ergonomic workbenches and workstations in a range of sizes using t-slot aluminium
profile, with a fixed or variable height and laminate or custom bench-tops.


Custom Designed Ergonomic Workstations or Workbenches for Universities, Laboratories and Hospitals, Medical Device assembly, Electronics assembly, Industrial applications, Pick and Pack Areas, Parts assembly, Testing and Quality Control Areas or Repairs and Maintenance areas. Even your own home workshop!

Built to order - these are NOT your cheap flat-packed workstations, however we can fabricate a work station that is as basic or as sophisticated as you require. Standard Work bench base frames are available in the following sizes:

  • 1200mm x 800mm
  • 1500mm x 800mm
  • 1800mm x 800mm
  • 2400mm x 800mm


  • 750mm (sitting bench)
  • 950mm (standing bench)

However we can fully customise a bench to any size based on your requirements.

We will provide a bench top to suit your application, including:

  • Electric, height adjustment
  • Standard laminate bench tops
  • Anti-static bench tops
  • Wash-down friendly bench tops
  • Steel bench tops

Variable Height Workstations

Learn more about Variable Height Workstations for Clean Room use.


Fixed Height Workstations

Learn more about Fixed Height Workstations for Industrial and Clean Room use.


We offer a huge range of custom options to fit to your work bench or workstation. Here are just a few of the options we can add:

  • Power and data connections
  • Compressed air connections and tooling
  • Lighting
  • Shelves
  • Drawer units
  • Monitor arms / mounts
  • Keyboard tray/ shelf
  • Foot rests (fixed or adjustable)
  • Modesty panels
  • Parts / Tote bins
  • Parcel chutes
  • Shelves
  • Mobile parts shelves / tool chests
  • Lockable casters for mobility
  • Integrated conveyors
  • Linear guides or rails
  • Integrated machinery (eg saws or routers).
  • Hydraulic lifting devices
  • Machine guarding

See our short video slideshow of some of these options.


If you require a properly designed, ergonomic workstation or work bench, then its critical that it is designed considering the following requirements.

  1. Correct Work Height
    An operator’s arms should be below shoulder level
    Precise tasks: 50mm below elbow
    Light assembly: 50 -100mm below elbow
    Heavy work: 100 - 200mm below elbow 
  2. Properly Adjust Work Equipment to the Task
    Adjust the workstation:
    Seat height and angle; footrest height and angle
    Adjust the work piece and parts containers:
    Work piece and parts containers in optimal positions (refer to points 3 and 4)
  3. Work Piece & Parts Container Layout
    Optimise container layout to reduce wasted motion and speed up throughput
    Heavy and/or most used parts should be placed in the closest containers
    Optimal container layout is within a 400mm radius, as measured from each shoulder
  4. Working Area
    Maximum grab area: 540mm radius, measured 160mm to the left and right from the
    centreline and front edge of the work top
    Optimum grab area: 280mm radius, measured 160mm to the left and right from the
    centreline and front edge of the work top
  5. Consider Fields of Vision
    Operators should view the work piece without turning head or eyes
    A 15° view angle requires no head or eye movement to grab parts
    A 35° view angle requires only eye movement to grab parts
    Viewing distance to a Monitor should be between 350mm and 750mm
  6. Match Light Intensity to the Work Task
    Standard assembly tasks: 500—750 lux
    Complex tasks (e.g. electrical assembly): 1000—1500 lux
    Delicate and/or critical work: 1500—2000 lux
  7. Do Not Work Above the Heart
    Keep all work below the heart to enhance blood circulation
    Reduce static holding during assembly as it increases muscle fatigue

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