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Safety Fencing
Mesh or Polycarbonate Panels

Safety Fencing

Create a safe working environment around your machinery by erecting a safety fence. Safety fencing can be installed around existing equipment or for new installations. T-slot profile is a cost-effective and rapid option to achieve your safety fencing. Options available for integrated light curtains.

Customised Safety Fencing

Safety fencing is a critical and legal requirement for most robotic cells and many machinery cells. A safety fence creates a physical barrier between potentially dangerous machinery and the human workforce, creating a safe workplace and one that complies with modern workplace health and safety regulations. Safety fencing can be designed with light curtains to allow periodic access for people, forklifts, AGVs whilst still retaining safety compliance. Alternatively we can also offer a more simple, a gated system with isolation sensors or stops. Fence panels are most commonly supplied as mesh but an increasing number of clients are also utilising polycarbonate panels (where appropriate).

If you require regular access into the safety cell for  routine maintenance or cleaning, we can design the safety fence to utilise a patented patented Quick Release Panel System (see the second Tab) developed by our partners Alusic for easy removal of fence panels whilst still isolating the machinery from operation, but which remains fully secure during normal operation and therefore maintaining safety compliance.

Why Use profile?

T-slot profile is a commonly used material for achieving safety fencing in industrial and manufacturing environments. The ability to rapidly and easily customise the size of the fence panels using the 6 metre profile lengths, results in a very cost effective and WHS compliant safety fence.  T-slot profile is also ideal for mounting polycarbonate or mesh safety panels to create the safety zone within the machine cell. In most cases the polycarbonate panel or mesh simply fits into the profile slot by itself or with the help of a rubber sealing gasket.

Aluminium profile is also lightweight, strong and doesn’t need welding which means it won’t distort and you don’t need a hot works permit to make modifications on site. Speaking of modifications, the nature of the t-slot profile allows you to modify the machine guard, for example if you extend a machine, conveyor line or robot cell.

OEM and Integrator Customers

We can design and supply OEM and Integrator Customers with a customised safety fence to suit your machinery cell or robotics cell. We offer sharp pricing for repeat business and we’re always happy to discuss fair and reasonable payment terms. Contact us for more information.

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