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Clean Rooms

A clean room is a purpose built environment, typically used in electrical component, medical device manufacturing or scientific research. They have a low level of environmental pollutants such as dust, airborne microbes, aerosol particles and chemical vapours. Clean rooms often use HEPA grade filters to achieve this minimal contamination environment.

High Altitude Training Rooms

A high altitude training room is used by athletes, adventurers or anyone who will benefit from training or sleeping in a high altitude environment. We have manufactured high altitude training rooms for elite athletes for performance enhancement. Thoroughbred racing horses even use them!

Clean Rooms – Custom Manufacture

Profilium utilises our t-slot aluminium profiles to manufacture a clean room framing system as aluminium profiles are easy to keep clean, allow for the use of clear polycarbonate or similar materials for the wall panels of the clean room. Aluminium profile is versatile and adaptable enough to permit rapid construction of a clean-room to virtually any size or shape, while retaining the structural integrity to support critical infrastructure that helps create the internal clean room environment.

We can incorporate key design features such as HEPA filtration to ensure your clean-room achieves the quarantine standard that you require.

Profilium can manufacture a clean room frame to suit your requirements. We have helped design and build clean rooms for leading medical/ pharmaceutical companies here in Australia. We strongly suggest that you bring a design to us that has been confirmed as being workable as a clean room or high altitude training cell. We can then work with you and your team to ensure the structure we build will meet the design requirements and suggest minor design improvements to ensure the t-slot profile suits the purpose and including if necessary, to make suggestions to improve the structural integrity of the structure.

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