Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a list of frequently asked questions. Click the down arrow to learn more.

Do you sell to the Public or just other Businesses?


  • We will happily sell to anyone in Australia, whether you are a home user or a business and there is no minimum order requirement.
  • Please keep in mind that we are a wholesaler so WE DO NOT have retail point of sale facilities or a showroom
  • We are unable to service “walk-in” customers.
  • Please place your order online, when the order is ready for dispatch you will be notified by phone or email.

Do you have a store front where I can buy direct?


  • We are a warehouse and manufacturing facility.
  • We do not have normal retail sales facilities.
  • If you just turn up to buy materials, we may not have technicians or tradespeople available who can prepare your order cut, drill or tap the profile.
  • Please place your order online and we will advise when it is ready for dispatch/ collection.

For Sales that include materials, cutting or tapping:

Yes – but it is a DIY quote done online on our web shop.

We have a NEW online Quote Tool that allows you to create a DIY Quote and have this emailed to you as a PDF inclusive of a quote reference number.

Instructions for creating a DIY quote:

  1. Simply click the “Add to Quote” button that is shown on each product listing.
  2. Then follow the “View Quote” link.
  3. Check and adjust any quantities for the items you have added to the quote.
  4. Then complete some basic Contact Details on our Quote Form.
  5. Click the “Send Quote” button and you will be emailed a PDF copy of a written quote inclusive of a quote reference number and other details.
  6. If you want to go ahead with this quote, simply follow the instructions in the second email you receive by clicking on the “Accept Quote” link. this will take you to our Web Shop and you can submit and pay for your Order by following the normal Order check-out process.

For built structures such as machine guards, machine frames, conveyors, jigs, workstations, cobot bases etc

Yes. If we are supplying engineering design and project management expertise, trade labour, materials and installation and commissioning services, we will always provide you with a written quote that outlines the scope of work, exclusions, delivery schedule, payment terms, warranty and more.

Simply send us an EMAIL with the details of your project and we will contact you to arrange a site visit and/or quote.

What is “A Freight Deposit” and how much will my freight cost?

Freight costs are complex! We sell everything from a small packet of t-nuts to full 6 metre bars of profile – most of which get cut to a custom size specified by the buyer. Automating the freight calculation with unknowns such as a maximum length or whether we will send cartons, bundles or timber skids makes online freight pricing a challenge.

So, to partially solve this, we charge a first-up $20.00 deposit if you want us to freight your order. This locks in your order and stock. However, if your actual freight cost is more than $20.00, you will be charged for the higher cost via a separate invoice.

  • The $20 freight deposit charge only covers a small satchel or carton orders up to 3kg in weight
  • If you have ordered Profile, your freight cost will be higher than $20 and you must pay the additional freight cost before your order is processed and dispatched.
  • For example if the actual freight cost for your order is $50, we will send you a second invoice for $30, being the difference between your actual freight cost and the minimum freight of $20 that you paid at check-out ($50 – $20 = $30).
  • You must pay this final freight invoice before we begin to process and arrange dispatch of your order.
  • Orders will not be dispatched until the full cost of freight has been paid. 

Once your order inclusive of all freight costs has been paid, any changes to the order, including a cancellation may attract additional fees. Please see our Terms and Conditions of Sale.

Don’t forget that if you are in Victoria, South Australia or Queensland, our local distributor will dispatch your order – helping to minimise the shipping costs. All other orders will be dispatched from our Sydney warehouse.

Freight Estimates

Need a freight estimate before placing an Order? We use several freight aggregator services to get the cheapest freight cost. You can get a freight estimate using some of the following services. 

These are two of the several services we use. Note that pricing on these services should only be used as a general guide to the final freight cost.

Tips for calculating accurate freight costs

  1. It is important to get the maximum length accurate as this often determines the final price.
  2. Total weight will be shown on your quote or order – please use this and add around 5% for packaging weight.
  3. If ordering Profile, we suggest you choose “skid” as the packaging type on the freight calculator

Where do you ship to?

We ship Australia-wide. 

We have outlets in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. Orders from NSW, ACT, WA, NT and TAS are shipped from Sydney. Orders from QLD are shipped from Brisbane. Orders for VIC and SA are shipped from Melbourne.

For more information on freight costs, see the section hereabouts called How much will freight cost?

Queensland order shipping

For orders received from Queensland locations, Profilium will endeavour to supply these orders from our partner in Brisbane. However, not all stock may be available in Brisbane. As our main warehouse is located in Sydney, we reserve the right to supply Queensland orders from the Sydney warehouse if stock is not available locally.

In cases where items are supplied from the Sydney warehouse to a Queensland customer, the Purchaser will be quoted the freight price from Sydney to their address. If these freight costs are prohibitive, the Purchaser has the right to cancel their order without penalty, provided notice of cancellation is received prior to the cutting or customisation of any profile or structure and a full refund will be provided to the Purchaser (if they have pre-paid).

When can I pick up my order/ when will it be available for freight dispatch?

We understand customers want to get their Profile as soon as possible and we try our best to dispatch orders as quickly as possible. The reality is that many orders are ready for dispatch the next business day following receipt of cleared payment, however larger orders or those with complex cutting, drilling or tapping may take longer. 

Please allow 2 to 3 business days from cleared payment for your order to be ready for dispatch/ collection.

Please note, at times order processing will take longer due to higher demand (or disruptions like COVID). Therefore, we cannot guarantee, and we accept no responsibility or liability for the timing of order availability.

Several factors affect the time of dispatch including:

  1. The time and date of your order. We try to process in chronological order . This is the only fair and reasonable way to provide service to all customer’s equally. Please do not ask to jump the queue.
  2. Orders not placed online. If you send an order via email and not via our Online Store it will take longer as we have multiple additional steps to create the order in our system. One of the biggest factors in delaying an order is we are not given a Part Number. Frequently we are told something like “M8 Screws” or “Clamping Angles” but there are 13 different options for M8 screws and 17 different clamping angles, so orders without our Part Number included will always take longer to prepare for dispatch.
  3. Orders are not prepared until, full cleared payment has been receivedIf your order is urgent, Credit Card payment is the best option.
  4. Incomplete orders are common. We routinely have customers asking us to add or delete items, especially cutting, or who change their mind about freight. We are always very happy to oblige with helping our customers, but this also means order preparation is delayed.
  5. Orders with full length bars of Profile will generally be ready for dispatch on the Next Business Day from cleared payment at the earliest. Orders must be paid by 12pm to aim for next business day delivery.
  6. The size or complexity of your order. The larger the order, the longer it takes to prepare. Likewise, orders with lots of profile cutting, tapping or drilling take much longer to prepare as we need to ensure we are following the customer’s instructions.
  7. The Order Queue. We routinely have dozens of orders on any given day. Order preparation is determined by the time of payment. So if your order is urgent and needs to be in the production queue quickly, we again recommend placing the order online, ensuring your order is complete and paying with credit card.

If you are picking up your order, the steps are:

  1. Customer’s order placed and paid for online.
  2. Order verified by Profilium
  3. Cleared payment received from Customer (if using credit card this is instantaneous). If using a credit card you will receive an automated email receipt of payment from the secure eWay payment gateway.
  4. Work order issued to Profilium factory to prepare the order, including cutting and packing for dispatch. Please allow 2-3 business days, although order processing can take longer due to high volumes or business disruptions such as COVID.
  5. Order completed and Customer is advised by Phone or Email that order is ready for Pick-Up
  6. Customer collects the order from our loading dock. Note the loading dock is only open Monday to Friday from 7.30am to 5.00pm. If a forklift is required, please confirm a collection time to ensure we have a forklift driver available.

When are you Open so can I pick up my order?

Profilium will confirm when your order is ready for collection by Phone or Email. Once your order is confirmed as ready, our Opening Hours are:

  • SYDNEY: Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm
  • BRISBANE: Monday to Thursday 8am to 5pm. Friday 8am to 3pm (call beforehand if collection required after 3pm)
  • MELBOURNE: Monday to Friday by appointment. – Eljay’s staff may be off-site and so a mutually agreed time is required.

Yes! With the launch of our new website in January 2022, you can now pay for your order online at check-out using a Visa or Mastercard. A 2.4% credit card surcharge will apply. 

IMPORTANT. If you have chosen to have the Order delivered, we will charge you a Freight deposit of $20.00 at check-out. This is the DEPOSIT for the final freight costs. If the final freight costs more than $20.00 we will invoice you the difference to the $20.00. For example if your freight costs $50.00 and you have paid the $20.00 freight deposit at check-out, you will be invoiced an additional $30.00 for freight ($50 – $20 = $30). Note, we will not commence processing your order until the additional freight cost has been paid.

Do you accept Credit Card Payments? 

Yes we accept either Visa or MasterCard only. We do not accept American Express (AMEX) or Diners Club (DC) cards. All credit card payments incur a 2.4% surcharge.

To process your payments we utilise the eWay secure payment portal for payments taken online or the Square point of sale payment system if paying in person. Please note that due to recent changes in the way Banks manage credit card transactions taken remotely over the phone or via the internet, we may require you to provide additional credit card authorisation documentation for transactions over $1,000.00. This is a requirement of the Banks to minimise the risk of fraudulent transactions – we apologise in advance for this additional step.

As per Federal Government legislation, the credit card surcharge represents the actual external cost to us of accepting a credit card payment and excludes any of our internal costs. If you want to avoid the credit card surcharge we also accept EFT payments via online banking (see below). For further information about the secure eWay payment portal and our Terms and Conditions of Sale, please click HERE.

Do you accept EFT Payments?

Yes. We accept EFT payments and no surcharge applies. Our bank account details will be shown on your tax invoice. We bank with ANZ and receipt of your cleared payment will depend on how your bank processes payments to ANZ. Most payments lodged before 5pm on a business day will clear to our account the next business day, however it occasionally takes 2 or rarely 3 days to clear the payment.

Please note that Orders will not be dispatched until full, cleared payment has been received (including clearing the EFT payment into our bank account).

Queensland customers

For QLD customers, order payments are processed and cleared in Sydney before a work order is issued to the Brisbane warehouse. Please refer to details above.

Victoria and South Australia customers

For VIC and SA customers, please contact our local distributor for their payment procedures. Contact details are available HERE.

Do you accept PayPal?

No we do not currently accept PayPal. You can pay for your order by EFT or Credit Card (see above). PayPal payments will become available later in 2022.

Do you accept Cash Payment?

Whilst we will of course accept cash if necessary, we prefer not to be paid in cash as we are not a retail outlet and don’t have retail cash handling facilities. However, by prior agreement, you can pay for your order with cash if collecting from our Sydney or Brisbane warehouse. If paying by cash please advise us in advance and we ask that you bring the correct amount as we have very limited cash handling facilities to give change.

For VIC and SA customers, please contact our local distributors for their payment terms.

Do you accept Cheques?

No we do not accept a cheque under any circumstances (including bank cheques). Please arrange payment via EFT or Credit Card. For VIC and SA customers, please contact our local distributors for their payment terms.

Do you offer a cut to length or profile tapping service?

Yes! Just go to our Profile Cutting or Profile Tapping web store products and add the number of Cuts or Taps that you require. Each Cut or Tap is $3.00 each +GST. You can also email us a Cutting List to describe your cutting requirements.

How accurate is your saw?

Our high speed, dedicated aluminium saw has a laser cutting guide that can be set to  +/- 0.5 mm accuracy. As the saw will consume profile with each cut, please allow 5 mm of waste per cut.

How do you tell us about your Cutting Requirements?

  1. Place your order online via our web store. This will generate an Order ID Number.
  2. For simple instructions, during the Check-Out process you will see a “Comments” field. Simply add a message in the Comments field with your cutting instructions here. For example: Cut 6.0 metre bar into 3 x 2.0 metre lengths, OR
  3. For more complex cutting instructions, after Check-Out please Download our Cutting List Worksheet and email your Cutting instructions along with your Online Order ID number to  We will receive your two emails – an automated Order Confirmation and the email you send with your Cutting Instructions.
  4. Once the Cutting instructions are received we will have our trades team check them and verify the number of cuts when sending your invoice.
  • Please note that we will not begin cutting profiles until cleared payment has been received, and
  • Cut to Length Profiles cannot be returned or exchanged. 
  • For further information, please read our Terms and Conditions of Sale.

I only want a small section of profile. Do I have to buy a full 6.0 metre bar?

We only sell full 6.0 metre bars of profile. We do not sell by the metre. 

However as we are using t-slot profile ourselves on our own equipment, we occasionally  may have a small off-cut available of some of the common profiles (40×40, 40×80, 45×45 or 45×90). We may occasionally sell these off-cuts if they are not required in our manufacturing, however we do not offer any guarantee that a specific profile will be available at any given time or for any requested length and our sale of off-cuts is solely at our discretion.

If a suitable off-cut is available, the price will be the Per Metre cost of that Profile PLUS 30%. For example if the profile costs $158.00 per bar, this equates to $26.34 per metre.  A 2 metre off cut will be $26.34 x 2.0 metres x 1.3 (30%) = $68.48.

GST, freight and cutting costs will also apply.

I have a design. Can you build the structure for me?

Yes! We are happy to quote Trade Labour and Materials to build your structure according to your design. We prefer a CAD drawing that includes all dimensions and instructions, however if the structure is simple, we may be able to work from a hand drawn sketch.

Once we have confirmed the final design with you, we can build the structure and have it fully assembled ready for dispatch, or in most circumstances we can “flat pack” the structure for ease of shipping and ready to be assembled by you on your site.

I have an idea but no design. Can you design and build the structure for me?

Yes! Selling profile is not our main business. We are machinery manufacturers and so we have a team of mechanical and automation engineers and tradespeople who are very experienced at designing, manufacturing and commissioning everything from small static structures, to large multi-million dollar turnkey projects. We are happy to quote for Engineering Design and Project Management, Trade Labour and Materials to design and build your structure. If required, we can even install and commission the structure at your site anywhere in Australia or overseas. Simply send us an EMAIL with the details of your project and we will contact you to arrange a site visit and/or quote.

Can I come and look at the Profiles in your Sydney Showroom?

No. We are a Machinery Manufacturer and Wholesaler so we don’t have a retail sales desk or showroom or point of sale facilities. With a prior appointment you are welcome to come and visit us to look at the Profiles in our warehouse and get some advice to help you complete your project. However, as our main business is a Machinery Manufacturer our staff are often on the road performing installations or quotes, so we ask if you can please make an appointment to ensure we have someone available to assist with your enquiry.

For the same reasons, “walk-in” customers are discouraged as we may not have people available who can cut, drill or tap the profile on the spot. Please place your order online.

Sales staff are only available Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm (and our workshop closes at 3pm Mon – Thurs and at 12.30pm on Fridays).

For VIC and SA customers, please contact our local distributor.  Contact details are available HERE.

How do I get a printed Catalogue mailed to me?

Please note we are currently out of catalogues. Please refer to the online versions.

  • Online catalogues are available HERE
  • Please note that we do not carry local stock of all items shown in the Alusic catalogues – please cross-reference with the web shop to see what is in local stock.

Are your Machine Guards and Safety fences compliant with all relevant Australian OHS legislation?

The short answer is yes. We will not sell you a machine guard or safety fence that does not comply with all relevant Australian design standards or workplace health and safety legislation. Even if you offer to pay for us to build something that won’t comply, we simply cannot provide a non-compliant machine guard or safety fence. Why? Most importantly because we strongly believe that safety should be every businesses number one priority and so in good conscience we simply cannot agree to supply a non-compliant structure. Secondly if we did supply a non-compliant structure, we will most likely be held jointly liable for any injury that occurred and knowingly supplying a non-compliant structure would void our insurance and see our business at a severe risk of legal prosecution.

Can you advise us how to optimise our Clean Room or High Altitude Training cell?

Yes, but only to a limited extent. In both cases we strongly suggest that you bring a design to us that has been confirmed as being workable as a clean room or high altitude training cell. We can then work with you and your team to ensure the structure we build will meet the design requirements, including where necessary, to make suggestions to improve the structural integrity of the structure.