Robot Grippers and End Effectors
Customised to suit any application or robot brand
Cobot Bases and Frames
Fully customised cobot bases
Linear Automation
Linear Actuators and Linear Guide systems
Carbon Fibre Profile
World's only t-slot, modular carbon profile system

Automation and Robotics Solutions

T-slot profile is an ideal material for using with robotics and automation systems. From customised robotic end effectors, to cobot bases, sensor supports and arrays to linear actuators and linear guide systems. T-slot aluminium profile is fast to assemble, lightweight and easily adaptable.

For the ultimate in robotic and automation solutions, carbon fibre profile offers even greater benefits, allowing reduced weight and inertia to permit the deployment of smaller, faster and cheaper robots.

Robotic End Effectors

Fully customised robot grippers

Profilium has been designing and fabricating Robotic End Effectors for over 10 years. Whether you require a basic end effector or something more complex, we can design an end effector to suit your product or process and fabricate the gripper using a combination of our t-slot profile, steel, plastics and other materials. We can supply and fit any electrics, pneumatics and other technologies to the gripper and deliver a fully functional end effector to suit any brand of robot.

We choose to use t-slot profile for most of our end effectors because it is relatively light weight, strong, easy to assemble and highly adaptable. However, as needed to ensure it is fit for purpose, we will also incorporate other materials to suit the application, type of robot, product and the operating environment.

Need a Customised Cobot Gripper? 

While we can help to supply you with an off-the-shelf gripper from OnRobot, we can also design and fabricate a light-weight cobot end effector to suit your task. Aluminium profile is ideal for customised cobot end effectors because there are lightweight options that help reduce the load on the gripper and so maximise the product payload you can utilise. 

Worried about safety with a custom gripper on you collaborative robot? We don’t blame you. However we will discuss the pros and cons of various gripper options and how it may impact the collaborative functionality of your cobot. Depending on the application, we can design an end effector to meet collaborative robot safety standards or we can implement secondary safety systems to ensure your robot solution is safe for your workers and workplace.

But where do I buy the cobot?

Our partner, Australis Engineering are the Australian distributor of the Techman Robot brand of collaborative robots and an Authorised Value Partner for ABB Robotics.

We can supply a Techman or ABB collaborative robot to suit your budget, application/ process and product. 

In addition to these highly regarded brands of cobot, Australis are also partners with the world’s leading Robotic End Effector provider, OnRobot, and so we can also supply an off-the-shelf OnRobot end effector.

Examples of Automation Solutions

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