Fixed Height Work Benches and Workstations

Do you need an ergonomic, high quality work bench or workstation for your employees or even in your own home?
Profilium manufacture ergonomic workbenches and workstations in a range of sizes using t-slot aluminium
profile, with a fixed or variable height and laminate or custom bench-tops.


Custom Designed Ergonomic Workstations or Workbenches for Universities, Laboratories and Hospitals, Medical Device assembly, Electronics assembly, Industrial applications, Pick and Pack Areas, Parts assembly, Testing and Quality Control or Repairs and Maintenance areas.

Built to order – these are NOT your cheap flat-packed workstations, however we can fabricate a work station using our t-slot aluminium profiles that is as basic or as sophisticated as you require. We can select a range of profile types to future proof your work station. Most benches are made using 1 or 2 slot profile, however we can also use 3 or 4-slot depending on the aesthetic you require or the ability to add elements in the future. If the workbench is load bearing we can design the frame to ensure it will safely take the load and last long into the future.

Standard Work bench base frames are available in the following sizes, but we can easily design to your exact dimensions:

  • 1200mm x 800mm
  • 1500mm x 800mm
  • 1800mm x 800mm
  • 2400mm x 800mm


  • 750mm (sitting bench)
  • 950mm (standing bench)

We will provide a bench top to suit your application, including:

  • Standard laminate bench tops
  • Anti-static bench tops
  • Wash-down friendly bench tops
  • Steel bench tops

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Examples of Fixed Height Workstations

What is Full Customisation?

If you need a workstation that’s a little bit different to the standard offering – we have the solution. Our workstations are 100% customisable to your requirements. We will build to your dimensions and required inclusions. Many of our industrial customers are looking for a workstation that is task specific and so the design has to incorporate testing equipment, lifting apparatus, computer equipment or AV equipment. In many cases the workstation will be used as a repair, assembly or final testing area and so the inclusion of parts bins, testing jigs, compressed air or data connections is critical. 

Whatever your requirements we can help! We admit our workstations are not going to be the cheapest offering you will receive. However, despite what you’ll be told by some suppliers that they can fully customise the workstation, you will still be offered a solution that incorporates as many “off-the-shelf” or standard parts of their product line. While that might work for some customers and help them save some money, many customers will be disappointed because what they receive is effectively semi-customised (at best) and is not truly solving their workstation requirements. Not with Profilium. All of our workstations are built to order and will be 100% customised to suit you the customer. As the wholesaler of the t-slot profile, we also have the flexibility to use any profile type in our product line to produce the workstation that best suits your requirements. Need anti-static or cleanroom friendly bench tops? Not a problem! Need to include an existing test jig or machine into the bench? Not a problem! Want to add integrated compressed air, hydraulics or data? Not a problem!

Just click on the Contact Us button below and we will guide you through the process of designing the best workstation you’ve ever used!