From 12 June 2023, Profilium will be rolling out a series of price changes across much of its product range. Updated pricing will be progressively shown on the web shop.

Prices are Changing from 12 June 2023

Dear Customers,

In an environment of ever increasing prices, Profilium is happy to provide some good news with a series of price changes beginning to be rolled out across our product line from 12 June 2023.

The good news is that the price of a large number of our highest selling profiles is actually going down! The manufacturer Alusic have been able to consolidate pricing for the highest volume products and drive better pricing from their supply chain for the products they sell in the greatest quantities and so have passed on these prices to Profilium and we are in turn passing on these price changes to the customers.

The flip side of prices for high volume profiles going down, is that some of the very low volume sellers including some of the more “exotic” profile shapes are either staying the same or in some cases increasing.

The situation for accessories is a little more complex, but a large number of accessory prices remain unchanged (perhaps the majority?) with only relatively small price increases and an even smaller number of price decreases.

Overall the news is quite good, because the profiles often make up the bulk of a projects cost, and so the reduction in pricing of the most commonly purchased / popular profiles will enable most customers to realise genuine savings for their projects.

As always, if you are a Commercial/ Business customer and you are looking to place regular orders per annum over $20,000 or a single bulk order exceeding $10,000, please contact us to discuss potential discounts off the RRP listed on our web store. While discounts may be modest, we will try to assist where possible.

When will prices change?

We have already begun rolling out price changes across the range. These kicked off from 12 June and will be progressively rolled out over the next few weeks, with the early focus on updating profile prices as soon as is practical. With over 2,000 individual products in the range and some new products added by Alusic, the process of implementing and cross-checking the new pricing is complex. Where prices are reducing, we wanted to roll these out as soon as possible, rather than wait to validate all the thousands of lesser used products, as these profiles have the largest impact to customers.

As has always been the case under our terms and conditions, prices are subject to change at any time and while we are trying to update pricing as quickly as possible, the process may take a few weeks for the last items to be updated.

Are further price changes on the horizon?

Unfortunately there are still a lot of price pressures in play in the current economic environment, including:

  • Australian dollar vs Euro currency fluctuations
  • Sea freight costs are slowly coming down, but are still significantly elevated compared to pre-pandemic costs
  • Air freight costs are moderating but are still a little higher than pre-pandemic costs
  • the local cost of labour, interest rates, electricity, fuel and local land freight costs are all still rising and are creating impacts to our costs

The bottom line is that price pressures remain, even though the price of aluminium has stabilised and allowed Alusic and Profilium to pass on price reductions where possible. There remains risk that prices will change in the short term and so prices are subject to change at any time.

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