45×45 Joint Plate

Need to buy lengths of T-Slot Profile?

Our Profiles are sold as 6.0 metre bars and we can cut them to size for you.

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Use with 45×45 or 40xs40 profile

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Product code: ALS.084.710.004


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  • External joint plate for 45×45 and 40×40 profiles
  • Sold per piece.


Material:   Galvanized steel

These are used similar to a butt-joint, where the plate is bolted on using the external profile slot and spans two or more different lengths / pieces of profile.

SPECIAL ORDER ITEM. A minimum order quantity of 8 units is required for an air-freight order. Air freight costs are chargeable to the customer. Stock can be added to our normal sea freight shipments without additional cost. Contact us for further information about the timing of our next sea freight order or to obtain an air freight quote.

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