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Aluminium Profile Tapping or Drilling

We offer a Profile Tapping and Drilling Service using our high speed, industrial drills and commercial grade taps. This is the best method for the home user or a commercial user to obtain the cleanest, most accurate tapping or drilling which results in better joints and connection and therefore the most accurate construction of your structure.

The Tapping or Drilling cost is a flat rate of $3.00 per tap.

How do you tell us about your Tapping or Drilling Requirements?

  1. Place your order online via our web store. This will generate an Order ID Number.
  2. Prepare your Tapping or Drilling instructions. A CAD drawing or hand drawn sketch showing dimensions for the location of drilling points is suggested.
  3. After Check-Out, email your Tapping or Drilling instructions along with your Online Order ID number to sales@aluminiumprofile.com.au . We will receive your two emails – an automated Order Confirmation and the email you send with your Instructions.
  4. Once the Instructions are received we will have our trades team check them and verify the requirements before issuing your invoice. In some cases we may call you to confirm the tapping and drilling instructions.

Please note that Custom Cut, Tapped or Drilled Profiles cannot be returned or exchanged so please ensure you double-check all instructions prior to submitting them to use. For further information, please read our Terms and Conditions of Sale.

Need more info on payments, freight costs or order collection?

Please read our FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS for more information on these questions and more.