45x90 Linear Actuators

Need to buy lengths of T-Slot Profile?

Our Profiles are sold as 6.0 metre bars and we can cut them to size for you.


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Profile 18.5×45

$122.00 +GST

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Profile 45×90

$335.00 +GST

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Wheel for sliding guides – 35

$26.00 +GST

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Eccentric pin

$7.00 +GST

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Concentric pin

$6.40 +GST

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End Stop Blocks

$12.50 +GST

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Adapter for MVF30F

$35.00 +GST

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Drive Pin – MVF30F

$32.00 +GST

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Timing Belt AT10-16

$28.00 +GST

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Timing Belt AT10-25

$39.00 +GST

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Round bar for linear guides

$40.00 +GST

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Drive Pin – MVF44F

$110.00 +GST

ALS.800.040.019Read more

Adapter MVF44F

$84.00 +GST

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45×90 Drive Head

$255.00 +GST

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45×90 Idler Head

$225.00 +GST

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45×90 Sliding Trolley

$265.00 +GST

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