PROFILIUM have been selling t-slot aluminium profile in Australia since 2010. With customer’s all over Australia, our product is well respected and the choice of many OEM’s and domestic customers.

Wanted – T-slot profile distributor in Queensland and Western Australia

Due to strong demand from Queensland and Western Australia, PROFILIUM are looking to appoint distributors of our t-slot profile and accessories in both of these territories.

About Profilium

Profilium has been selling t-slot aluminium profile, accessories and linear guides and actuators since 2010. We are the exclusive importer of a well respected Italian profile brand – ALUSIC. We have a strong partnership with Alusic and have helped develop the business from zero to a being one of the leading providers of t-slot profile in Australia in 2019.

Alusic are a great partner and are constantly developing new products and applications. They have a strong R&D department and a great marketing team.

Some interesting facts…

  • We routinely import over 20 tonnes of profile each year into Sydney
  • We have a well established and well recognised website including an Online Store – see
  • T-slot profile use is very diverse, with customers buying bars of profile to assemble their own structure, or asking us to quote to build them a structure or equipment
  • Our Online Store generates both B2B and B2C sales. Local sales are passed to the local partner for billing and dispatch
  • Additional sales are generated through our sales team in Sydney and current partner in Melbourne, other online advertising such as Google Ad’s and IndustrySearch and through attendance at trade shows.
  • Sales in WA are particularly affected by not having a local partner due to the high costs of ex-Sydney freight so sales will soar with a local representative
  • We have previously had a partner in QLD, but this has ended and we are seeking a new partner. Current QLD sales are being serviced from Sydney
  • PROFILIUM is a business unit of Australis Engineering, a well regarded provider or conveyors, automation, robotics and materials handling equipment. Established in 1983, Australis has a proven record in the industry.

Our customers come from a wide range of market sectors including:

  • Education (universities love t-slot profile)
  • Manufacturing (conveyors, machine frames, workstations, automation and robotics)
  • Health and Pharmaceutical (conveyors, clean rooms, workstations)
  • Robotics and Automation (end effectors, sensor arrays and more)
  • Machinery OEMs (machine frames, guarding, CNC frames, 3D printers)
  • Safety specialists (machine guarding and fencing)
  • Audio visual (light boxes, TV walls and similar)
  • Special purpose vehicles (think ambulances, rural fire or similar purpose built vehicles)
  • Retail/ tradeshow (display units, tradeshow booths)
  • Domestic customers (DIY racing sims, CNC machines, motor vehicle fit outs and virtually anything you can think of)
  • 100 and 1 other applications that we’ve overlooked or haven’t discovered yet

What are we looking for in a partner?

The cost of freight from Sydney to either WA or QLD often kills off the viability of a purchase. Too frequently Profilium are losing potential QLD and WA customers due to high freight costs, despite this, a strong demand has developed in both states for high quality t-slot profile such as the Alusic profile system offered by Profilium.

With strong local demand in QLD and WA and existing customers already purchasing via our Sydney warehouse, the aluminium profile market is growing. As a result, Profilium are keen to discuss a potential distributor arrangement with a suitable QLD or WA based business.

The ideal partner may have some or all of the following attributes:

  • A strong local presence in QLD or WA with a great reputation for customer satisfaction.
  • An engineering / metal trade workshop with space to store 6.0 metre lengths of t-slot profile plus the space for racking and an aluminium saw
  • Experience with equipment manufacture or general fabrication
  • An understanding of machine safety (machine guarding is a key market area for t-slot profile)
  • Experience with fabricating conveyors would be advantageous but not essential
  • Good stock management and accounting systems to track orders, payments and purchasing
  • Ideally an external salesperson who will help to grow sales of t-slot profile and solutions in your local market
  • The commitment to responding to online sales, emails and phone enquiries in a timely manner
  • Ideally your own website that can be used to help promote the sale of profile as a material and as a built structure (eg a machine frame, safety fence, machine guard etc)

What will we require from a partner?

  1. You will have to sign a Distributor Agreement and be willing to meet the distributor obligations therein.
  2. Great commercial credit references and a good financial position. Being paid on-time is critical to our business model and so your proven ability to pay your suppliers on time is essential.
  3. The ability to actively sell and promote the t-slot profile into the WA or QLD market, including customers within some key segments such as universities, health care, OEM equipment manufacturers and general manufacturing – plus lots more!
  4. Capacity to establish a Credit Card payment facility (if you don’t already have one)
  5. The financial resources to support a large, initial stock purchase
  6. Willingness to financially commit to and support our attendance at trade shows (from time to time)
  7. The ability to store and handle 6.0m bars of profile, including a high-speed aluminium saw or the ability to purchase one

We are not expecting a single company to represent both QLD and WA. We expect to appoint two individual companies in each territory.


If you are interested, don’t hesitate to contact us with some information about your business and its attributes and we will contact you to further discuss a possible partnership.

Phone: 02 9707 5800

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