You may have recently noticed some price changes. Following a period of 5 years with no price changes, our Italian supplier, ALUSIC srl, have recently pushed through some price changes to both profile and accessories. These new prices came into effect on 6 September 2018.

Pricing changes – 6 September 2018

From 6 September 2018, PROFILIUM announces its first major pricing changes since 2013. All prices on the website have now been updated and all current and future orders will be subject to the price changes.

Its not all bad news. While ALUSIC had to increase the prices for t-slot aluminium profile to reflect global commodity prices and changing foreign exchange rates, in many cases the prices of accessories have remain unchanged. In other cases there have been substantial price reductions in accessories pricing which we have happily passed onto our customers. Of course there are some price rises on the accessories too, but in the most part these are fairly modest.

Value add

Profilium continues to offer one of the strongest value propositions of any mainstream t-slot profile provider in Australia.

Our customers benefit from Profilium’s:

  • Local stock in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. We don’t have to transfer stock between branches or wait for longer freight times. Local stock also means cheaper freight costs.
  • Arguably the most comprehensive range of t-slot profiles stocked in Australia. We don’t just carry 3 or 4 of the common profiles, we carry over 55 variations of t-slot profile in local stock!
  • Clear pricing on our website. You don’t have to jump through hoops, sign up to newsletters or be hassled by a salesperson to find the price of our profile or accessories. All of our locally stocked profiles and accessories are shown on our web store along with their RRP pricing.
  • Collectively, our accessories prices are amongst the cheapest available. That means the whole-of-project cost is kept manageable. Furthermore, our connection system is faster than many of our European competitors, which means you not only save on materials costs, but labour costs as well.
  • We can Cut, Tap and Drill the profile to suit your project. Simply send us your cutting and tapping instructions and we do it for you at a flat rate of $3.00 per cut, drill or tap. Cutting your profile to size has two additional benefits. Firstly shipping 6.0 metre bars of profile is expensive, but when cut to size, the shipping costs normally reduce significantly, so much that the cost of cutting is generally cheaper than the higher freight cost. Secondly we use high speed, laser guided aluminium saws. These are purpose built to cut aluminium so that the ends are clean and square. This is critical to achieving strong connections and joints.
  • Design your structure with our CAD files. For all the budding designers out there, we can provide CAD files of all our profiles. To protect the IP in the profiles, simply sign and return this Form and we will share the CAD files via our cloud file sharing service.
  • For OEM and major end-users, we offer a 30-day credit account and discounts on bulk orders or for annual order targets. (Subject to an approved credit check and minimum order levels).

While we had no choice but to pass on the price increases from our supplier, Profilium remains confident that our value add coupled with our strong price point on accessories makes us the best choice for all of your t-slot profile requirements.

Coming soon …

To further strengthen our Value Proposition to our Customer base, Profilium are planning to implement a range of new functions and products on our website over the next 3 to 6 months. These include:

  • Online freight calculation. This has been a huge issue for us because of the highly variable freight costs driven mostly by the need to ship 6.0m bars of profile, but we have plans to allow for a freight calculator and online payment of freight costs,
  • Secure online payment of orders inclusive of freight,
  • New products from the Alusic product line-up. Alusic are one of the most innovative European providers of t-slot aluminium profile. The past 12 months has seen them continue to grow their product offering and we will be offering a range of these new products in coming months,
  • More videos and a regular newsletter to keep our customers up to date with the latest news, hints, tips and more.

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