Ever wondered how to connect your t-slot profile using just a Nut and Bolt? Watch this short video to see the correct method for the standard nut and bolt connection.

How to Video – Connecting profile with a standard nut and bolt connection

Connecting profile can be done quickly, reliably and with little cost. One of the most common ways of connecting two pieces of profile is the standard nut and bolt connection. We use this regularly on a large range of frames, workstations, jigs, machine guards – just about anything. This short video demonstrates how to achieve the standard connection. The standard connection can be used on every type of profile in the range, including the 20 series, 30- slot 6 and 30- slot 8 series, the 40 series and the 45 series. Its a simple, strong and very cost effective. (Hint … watch right to the end where we show a parts list for each profile type).

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