Updated 10 September. Please click to read more details regarding delays in restocking.

PROFILIUM advises that the intense global demand for raw aluminium coupled with severe disruptions with producers in Europe have resulted in our partner Alusic, being badly affected by supply constraints leading to re-stocking delays.

10 September Update

Unfortunately we have been advised by Alusic that our shipment remains delayed in Italy due to local stock shortages. We are in further communication to work out a way to have the shipment dispatched as quickly as possible. Current estimates suggest the shipment whilst delayed again, will still arrive at Port Botany around 9 November 2021, which means it will be delivered to our warehouse following customs clearances on approximately 15 November 2021.

Please note this is a dynamic situation and the above dates are subject to change. We will continue to provide updates as further information becomes available.

Unexpected delays

We apologise that we have again experienced stock shortages in recent weeks. In May 2021 we placed our largest ever order with our partner Alusic for shipping EXW-Italy. At the time of placing the order, we were advised that it would be ready for dispatch in mid-June 2021, meaning we expected to receive the container around late July/ early August.

Unfortunately, we were advised by Alusic in mid-June that they were experiencing supply issues that prevented our order from being dispatched until late July. We were subsequently advised that the global shortage of aluminium coupled with European supply chain constraints caused by COVID would mean that the shipment would not be fulfilled and dispatched until after the European summer shut down. Alusic have advised that the shipment is scheduled for dispatch in early September 2021.

At the time of writing, there also continue to be delays in global sea freight, with sea-freight transit times being close to double the pre-COVID timeframes.

Forecast stock arrival

Based on the above, we forecast that this next shipment will not be delivered to our Sydney warehouse until approximately late October or early November 2021. Please understand this is our best guess based on incomplete and evolving information.

We apologise for these delays, which as you can appreciate, are outside our control. We are frustrated by this situation as it obviously not only impacts you, our customers, but reduces our capacity to expand and grow our business and continue to provide the great products and service that you all enjoy.