Following a huge demand from our customers, PROFILIUM will soon be stocking a limited number of t-slot profiles with a Black Anodized finish. Black Anodized profiles will be available for purchase from 20 August 2020. Click the post heading to read more.

Black Anodized T-Slot Aluminium Profile

PROFILIUM have been the Australian distributor of the t-slot aluminium profile system manufactured in Italy by ALUSIC since March 2010. In all that time, we have sold thousands of bars of silver anodized profiles as this is the stock, off-the-shelf product offered in the Alusic product range.

However over the past 18 months we have seen an increasing interest in customers who want a Black Anodized finish to their t-slot profile project. In the past 6 months, we have seen this interest explode to the point where we took the plunge back in April 2020 to place a special order with Alusic for some custom-made Black Anodized profiles.

As this is a new product for both Alusic and Profilium, to begin with we have only ordered a small quantity of profile and in a small selection of t-slot types. Black anodized profiles will be available as:

  • 20×20 – ALS.084.111.001N
  • 20×40 – ALS.084.111.002N
  • 30×30 – ALS.084.100.003N
  • 30×30 2 slot – ALS.084.100.004N
  • 30×60 – ALS.084.100.006N
  • 40×40 – ALS.084.102.001N
  • 40×80 – ALS.084.102.002N

Why “N” as part of the product code? N = “nero”, which is the Italian word for black!

Black anodized t-slot profile coming soon!

Our sea freight shipment that includes the black anodized profiles is currently on its way from Italy and is scheduled to arrive at port on 11 August 2020. If all goes to plan, this shipment should be delivered to our Sydney premises, be quality checked and prepared for sale by approximately 18 August.

Please note however, that in this COVID-19 world, we are seeing regular delays with sea-freight shipments. This is due to the larger than normal volume of sea-freight due to the restrictions in air-freight volumes. This can mean that the ship may be delayed in docking and unloading or it could mean that customs clearances and local delivery take longer than expected. Rest assured we will offer the profiles on our web store as soon as is possible.

Pricing and Placing Orders

As this first shipment is a customised, special order for a relatively small volume of profile, the black anodized profiles will be slightly more expensive than the silver anodized alternatives. We hope that in time we can reduce this price as order volumes increase. As always, all black anodized profiles will be sold as full, 6.0 metre bars – we can cut bars to size, but you do have to purchase the full bar of profile.

Before we can accept orders for the black anodized profile, we need to receive the shipment and complete our quality control checks. As this is a new product, this last step of performing a quality check of the anodizing will be important to ensure that we are selling our customers a product that will meet their expectations. For this reason we will not be accepting any orders for Black Anodized profile until at least 20 August. All orders must be placed online and we will not accept offline orders for this product, including pre-orders. Orders will likely commence shipping around 24 August, although this is to be confirmed.

Please keep watch on our Profile Web Store for product availability.

What about black accessories?

Thankfully there have always been a number of black accessories in the Alusic product range. However we are currently preparing to have a small volume of Clamping Brackets powder coated in black in sizes that match the relevant black anodized profiles. As these are being offered in small quantities, pricing will be slightly more than the standard silver components.

UPDATE – 7 August…

We’ve been advised today (7 August) that due to the forecast severe weather being experienced along the NSW coast from 7 to 11 August, that the ship carrying our order has been delayed from berthing at Port Botany until 15 August. This will increase the dates advised in this post by approximately 4-days. Stock will be available for purchase from 20 August, with paid orders likely to commence shipping around 24 August, although this is subject to when we receive the shipment.

Further stock

Despite not having received the first shipment of black anodized profiles, we have taken a leap of faith and have placed another, larger custom order for the black anodized profiles with Alusic. This order is still to be confirmed, but we estimate that it should arrive approximately late October 2020.

We have had early-stage discussions with Alusic to ask them to begin stocking the black anodized profiles as a standard product. If agreed, this will mean black profiles are in stock in their warehouse which will reduce order leads times compared to the current custom orders we have placed.

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