PROFILIUM advises that due to the recent blockage in the Suez Canal and resulting shipping congestion, that our next on-water stock shipment has been delayed until late April/ early May.

Delayed restocking

We apologise that we have again experienced stock shortages in recent weeks. Following the extensive 5-month COVID driven delay of our previous shipment, which only arrived days before Christmas 2020, we have seen a flow-on effect with stock shortages and impacts on the arrival of our next order.

Unfortunately, these delays have only been further exacerbated by the recent blockage of shipping in the Suez Canal. The ship carrying our stock is caught in the shipping congestion created by this incident and as a result our restocking shipment is delayed.

Current estimates suggest that the shipment may arrive 2 or 3 weeks late with a late April or early May arrival becoming likely.

We apologise for this delay, which as you can appreciate, is outside our control.

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